What Is a LadderVator and How Can They Help?

If you have ever worked on a roof, you know how difficult it can be to haul tools and supplies up and down an extension ladder. You either have to find a way to secure the items you need to your body, ask someone to meet you halfway up the ladder to hand things to you while you hang over the edge, or even worse, try to climb one-handed while carrying your equipment, increasing the risk of falling. 

Tie Down Manufacturing Ingenuity has created the solution to your extension ladder hauling needs with their revolutionary invention—The Laddervator! This fantastic machine makes hauling materials simple by transforming an ordinary extension ladder into a convenient transportation system. 

What Is a LadderVator? 

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury on worksites, and the improper transfer of materials from the ground to a second story is one of the most common reasons people fall off of ladders. Ladder hoists remove the risk of hauling materials up and down ladders by using a platform and pulley system that moves materials up and down ladders for you.

The TP400 LadderVator Ladder Hoist makes moving sheets of plywood, roofing materials, and tools safe for everyone on the job site, and only has a few parts to assemble before use: 

  • Extension ladder tracking 
  • A platform hoist powered by either a gas engine or electric motor 
  • A carriage that attaches to the tracking and holds materials 

The assembly of the LadderVator hoist is simple and only takes minutes to build: 

  • Assemble the tracking system by attaching the carriage and correctly routing the cabling to the track 
  • Raise the track against the structure you need to transport materials up and down 
  • Attach the motor assembly to the base unit of the track 
  • Install the brake handles 

Once you assemble the hoist and properly secure it to the building, you are ready to safely transfer materials and tools from the ground to the roof. Moving supplies has never been easier!  

How Can LadderVators Help at a Job Site?  

In addition to increased safety, ladder hoists increase job site efficiency by quickly moving supplies up and down the ladder track. With a 400 lb maximum capacity, LadderVators can haul a significant amount of materials to the roof for you or your crew. 

LadderVators also decrease the risk of damaging supplies. When you try to manually hoist things like boxes of shingles or sheets of plywood, there is always a risk that the product may fall from the ladder and be ruined by impacting the ground. 

The carriage that runs on the extension ladder track has multiple specialized attachments that safely secure the following materials to the ladder hoist: 

  • Shingles and roofing supplies 
  • Sheets of plywood 
  • Solar panels

When you properly use a LadderVator hoist, you no longer need to worry about risking the safety of you, your crew, or your tools and supplies. This valuable equipment makes your team’s job easier and provides peace of mind for everyone on the job site. 

Follow LadderVator Safety Precautions 

Although ladder hoists can revolutionize and simplify how your crew moves materials to the roof, failure to correctly follow installation and operation procedures may result in severe injury or death. To stay safe, Tie Down recommends the following precautions: 

  • Unpack the LadderVator carefully and inspect for damage 
  • Observe all safety and warning labels attached to the hoist 
  • Keep the area around the base section of the hoist clear to prevent slipping, tripping, and falling against the hoist 
  • Do not allow anyone to operate the hoist who has not been thoroughly and properly trained to use the hoist 
  • Do not overload the LadderVator 
  • Never lift sheet or panel goods without the use of plywood brackets and tie-down straps 

For a complete list of precautions when using the LadderVator hoist, you can read the full safety instructions manual on the Tie Down website. 

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