How to Insulate Your Attic the Proper Way

The space in your attic is often “out of sight, out of mind.” Despite its close proximity to the literal bones of your house and the protective layer of your roof, the attic is commonly neglected. Hundreds of dollars a year may be escaping out of the top of your house due to an improperly insulated attic. 

Attic insulation keeps warm air in your house in the winter and cool air in the summer. It can also add to the life of your roof, improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), and reduce your energy bill.

With the help of this DIY guide and the proper tools from Northside Tool Rental, you can insulate your attic the proper way and save on maintenance and energy costs for your home.

Gather Your Supplies:


Tape measure/ruler

Cordless Flashlight

Utility knife/box cutter

Staple gun


Insulation blower


Dust mask



Foam sealant


Loose-fill bags

Rigid insulation





  1. Prepare the area: Clear out any stored items or debris from the attic.
  2. Seal air leaks: Caulk around gaps, windows, or doors using caulk or foam sealant.
    1. Use aluminum flashing to seal around chimneys and flues.
  3. Measure existing R-value: If your attic is already insulated, measure the existing R-value to determine how much insulation you will need to get to the proper level.
  4. Cut insulation:
    1. Measure from the furthest point of your wall joist length-wise to the inside point of the other joist to get your first measurement.
    2. Cut your batt insulation 1 inch less than the center measurement. 
    3. Mark the batt where it needs to be cut. Compress the insulation down and cut each section with your utility knife or box cutter.
    4. Cut double the amount for the second layer. Repeat until you have all sections prepared.
  5. Install insulation: Follow the directions closely for the next steps to avoid trapped moisture, remaining gaps, or insulation packed too tightly.
    1. Take a cut section of batt and turn it over with the vapor barrier facing down. Place the paper side on the attic floor. Tightly stuff material between joists.
    2. Repeat this process throughout the entire attic area.
    3. Apply the second layer but remove the vapor barrier before applying.
    4. After removing the vapor barrier, lay sections perpendicular to the first layer, covering all of the joists. Repeat the process around the attic area.
  6. Speed things up: This part of the installation can be sped up with the assistance of an Insulation Blower
    1. Remove floor planks to blow loose-fill insulation under the floor using the blower machine hose.
    2. Measure ¾ of an inch into the bay. Turn the blower on. Blow insulation into the prepared cavity. The hose will naturally push back as the insulation material is packed in, which lets you know it’s time to move to the next section. Repeat until finished.
  7. Finishing touches: Make sure to properly seal all entrances and exits to the attic.

Properly insulating your attic brings up to a 116% return on investment. You can reduce your carbon footprint while reducing the noise coming into your home, prolonging the life of your roof, improving your internal air quality, and deterring unwanted pests.  The money you save on energy costs can be put back into your home. How is the insulation in your garage? How about your basement? With the proper guides and tools, you can be a DIY expert and bring new life into your home.

When you’re ready to properly insulate your attic or any other area of your home, Northside Tool Rental has everything you need to get the job done right the first time. Contact one of our experts today to discuss the necessary tools for your project. Let us equip you so you can handle any DIY project that comes your way.  We have convenient locations in Marietta, Gwinnett, Doraville, and Buckhead. Call us at 404-233-6722 to get your project started today.