Attachment, Grinder 14″ (for Skid Steer/Mini-Skid)

Make Ettera
Model ET-SP-14H
Sku #8883
4 Hour $N/A
Day $69
Week $215
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The Eterra Auger Stump Planer is a high quality, affordable stump grinder that is designed to be used with the Eterra 4500 model auger drives. Do you ever get random stumps that stand in the way of your progress, but not enough of them to justify buying a dedicated stump grinding machine? Chances are that you have been spending a lot of money having someone else come in and grind them away for you. The good news is, your Eterra Auger for skid steer loaders can now attach the Stump Grinder to your 2-inch hex drive with a minimum of 2,700 ft. lbs.

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