How Much To Rent A Bobcat?

Last Update:
June 27, 2024

Northside Tool Rental is a Tool and Equipment Rental company based in Metro Atlanta, GA. Below we are going to highlight the costs that you can expect when renting a Bobcat (also known by its common name ‘Skid Steer Loader’). We want to better help our customers understand the costs associated with this equipment as well as help other people that are looking for more information on the cost of renting a Bobcat. If you would like to rent a Bobcat please check out our available Bobcat rentals.

Costs to rent a Bobcat (Skid Steer Loader)

Rental Fees – these cover 8 hours of the machine per day, 40 hours per week, and 160 hours per month. Use over this amount is considered overtime charges and charged at 1/8th of the daily rate per additional hour.

Fuel – Bobcats use Diesel fuel. The cost of the fuel is in addition to the rental fees. Bobcats use between 1-2 gallons of fuel per hour of use, depending on how hard they are being run (tip: throttle down the machine for most uses. These machines don’t need full throttle to get full power to the bucket or the wheels. Full throttle is best when you need to move fast and cover a lot of ground. Otherwise it’s often overkill unless the load capacities are really near the performance limit.) We deliver Bobcats with a full tank of fuel and then charge to ‘top off’ (i.e. for fuel used). We include the full cost of a full tank of fuel in our deposit calculation since it is possible to use all the fuel in a rental depending on the situation.

Deliver / Pickup – Most customers have these items delivered due to their very heavy weight and size. We currently charge $160 ’round trip’ for this service in the local area, more for outlying areas. ‘Round trip’ refers to the fact that this fee covers both drop off and pickup when the rental is complete. We offer trailers for rental at varying prices for those with the capacity to tow these items. For liability reasons (and for common sense reasons) we will need to verify the towing capacity of any vehicles that tow our equipment off our yards.

Damage Protection Program – We charge 12% of the rental amount for Damage Protection Coverage. This program covers most accidental and non-negligent damage, wear and tear, theft and vandalism. All coverage has limitations. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

Cleaning Fees – Construction equipment gets dirty and we understand that. However excess dirt and mud, or other job site debris, can be costly for rental companies to dispose of. For that reason, we charge a cleaning fee if the bucket is full of dirt or mud, or if the overall machine is extremely muddy. A simple rinse off before pickup will take care of this issue. The potential cost of cleaning is included in the initial deposit amount since the customer does have exposure to this cost.

Sales Tax – all items listed are taxable by the state of Georgia based on the county of delivery.

We want all possible fees to be clearly displayed on the rental contract when the customer receives the equipment. For that reason the cost at delivery (the deposit amount) can be significant, even though many customers do not end up spending this much money.

Here’s an EXAMPLE breakdown of what a Bobcat rental contract would look like:

(NOTE this is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute a price guarantee.  All individual prices are subject to change.)

Rental: $199.00
Fuel: $166.80 (we charge $6.95 per gallon currently)
Del/PU: $160.00
Damage Protection: $23.88
Cleaning: $100.00
Subtotal: $649.68
Sales tax: $43.97 (8% City of Atlanta)

Total potential cost at delivery (this is the deposit amount held on the credit card) $693.65
When the customer returns, assuming they have refueled the machine and it’s clean, not over the hours of use, and is returned (called off rent) on time, the final charges would look like this:

Rental: $199.00
Del/PU: $160.
Damage Protection: $23.88
Subtotal: $382.88
Sales Tax: $30.63 (8% City of Atlanta)
Total net cost: $413.51. (Customer hold is dropped on their credit card and a sale is run for this amount)

We hope that this better help you understand how much it costs to rent a Bobcat. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.

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