Understanding Rates

It’s easy to get lulled by a low first dollar daily rental price.  But there can be a lot more to rental than just the daily rental price.  At NTR we have worked hard to add a value proposition to our rentals that you just won’t find at other rental businesses.

Weekend Rate Special

At Northside Tool Rental, we charge a 1-day rate for weekend rentals on our entire stock of inventory. This is available every weekend on everything we carry. Here’s how it works:

- Pick up after 3 pm Friday
- Return before 9 am Monday

It’s that simple! At NTR, you have the equipment all weekend to do the work when it is convenient for you. No more stopping your work to rush your rental equipment back. You work at your pace over the entire weekend!

Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates are in addition to rental charges.

Towable Items* (rentals delivered via a hitch trailer or rollback truck)
One-way fee: $100 Cash Customers / $90 Account Customers + TrueBlue
*Includes large ladders (48- and 60-foot)

Non-towable Items (rentals that fit in a truck bed and are delivered via pickup truck)
One-way fee: $60 Cash Customers / $50 Account Customers

Weather Protection (weekly rentals or longer)

Don’t let unforeseen weather conditions run up your rental bill! At Northside Tool Rental, you are protected from inclement weather on your rentals of 1 week or longer. Here’s how it works:

If you encounter inclement weather during your rental of outdoor equipment, we will extend your rental by 1 day per week of rental at no additional charge. For example, if you rent a Bobcat for a week, and it rains, you can extend your rental to an 8th day to get your work done at no additional charge. If you rent for a month, you have 4 additional weather days to use if needed.

- 1 additional day per week’s rental of outdoor equipment
- Up to 4 days per 4-week billing cycle
- “Unused” additional days in any 4-week cycle do not carry forward
- Standard Hour Meter Limits apply based on paid rental time
- This program extends the rental period and does not offer a credit against rental fees

No Obligation Reservations

Call as far in advance as you would like, and we’ll reserve your piece of equipment for the exact date and time you need it.  We require no pre-payment and charge no cancellation fee. Just give us a call, tell us your name, and that’s it. If you decide you don’t need it, just let us know. It’s that simple. (Some items require a deposit at time of rental)

Return to Any Location

Northside Tool Rental allows you to return most rental equipment to any of our locations, regardless which location you rented from. We know our contractor customers are on the go and all over town. Often, it’s not convenient to make it back to the location from which your rental originated. At NTR, we understand your needs and are here to make your rental experience as easy as possible. That’s why we’re the only rental company in Atlanta that accepts returns of our rental equipment at any branch, regardless of where the rental originated, at no charge to you. Some items or certain circumstances (like another pending rental after yours) may require the item to be returned to the original location of renta. Just inquire with our staff at the time of rental).

Rental Protection Program

The Rental Protection Program is meant to limit customers financial responsibility for unexpected loss or damage to rental equipment while in their possession.  Rental Protection is not insurance. Commercial customers may elect to be excluded from RPP, provided they present NTR with proof of insurance protection for rental equipment and NTR is listed as Loss Payee.  In consideration for the additional (14%) Rental Protection Program fees paid by the customer, NTR will reduce the damage or loss charges (should they occur) as follows:

Equipment Damages (Equipment is considered damaged if it is returned in a materially different condition than when it was rented less normal wear and tear)

- Damages less than $250 are covered 100% by the NTR Rental Protection Program
- Example – Qualifying Damage charges billed at $185.00 Customer is exempt from additional charges. Rental Protection Program pays for the $ 185.00 charges.

- Damages more than $250 are covered up to a maximum of 50% of the charges.
- Example – Qualifying Damage charges billed at $2,250.00 Customer is exempt from the first $250, HOWEVER is responsible for 50% of the remaining balance.
- $2,250 less $250= $ 2,000 remaining balance. Customer is responsible for 50% of remaining balance.  In this case $1,000.00

What is NOT Covered

Damage resulting from overloading the equipment
Damage resulting from misuse or improper use of the equipment
Damage resulting from negligence or improperly servicing the machine
Damage to hoses, tires and tracks as a result of demolition projects
Damage resulting from machine roll-over
Damage resulting from improperly transporting the equipment
Damage from paint or chemical over-spraysDamage caused by any person other than the Lessee’s employees or authorized agents
Damage resulting from violation of any manufacturers’ safety instructions
Damage resulting from making any alterations to the equipment
Damage resulting from any violations of the Northside Tool Rental contract
Field Service Calls Due to Damage are not covered – $175 / per trip + $75 / HR labor
Loss or Damage resulting from Theft or Vandalism
- Equipment stored in a SECURED* place – Customer responsibility / 50% of the current replacement cost (Secured location shall mean the equipment was within a secured and locked gated environment or inside a secured building.)
- Equipment stored in NON-SECURE place – Customer responsibility / 90% of the current replacement cost

Customers Responsibility to Report Theft

- In all cases of theft, RPP coverage requires Customer to report the theft within 24 hours to NTR along with the appropriate police jurisdiction. A copy of the police report must be presented to NTR within (10) days to validate the event. All settlements for theft and vandalism charges must be paid within 10 days of the event.