Best Packing Practices for Moving

Spring is a time for change and new beginnings. Some times this translates into packing up and moving to a new residence. Last time we talked about 5 Ways to Prepare Before a Big Move. Now it is time to talk about the best practices for packing. It’s time to talk about all those boxes!

Procuring Boxes

If you are looking for free, the most popular place to look is probably grocery stores. You may also have very good luck at office supply stores, book stores, package stores, bars and restaurants. Check online neighborhood, trade, or garage sale type groups in your local area. Many times people post moving boxes that can be picked up for free. And don’t forget to look at your local recycling center. Of course, you can always purchase moving boxes. The one type of box we would absolutely recommend you purchase if you can’t find elsewhere are wardrobe boxes – they are sanity savers!

Packing Boxes

Start with at least two strips of packing tape to secure the bottom of each box. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Your goal is to keep the overall weight of each box under 40lbs. If boxes aren’t fully packed there’s potential for shifting and damage. So pack boxes as tightly as possible and fill any leftover space with packing paper, extra towels or blankets.

Labeling Boxes

Label all sides of a box with a number. That’s it, only one number. Then create a handwritten or electronic inventory list with 4 columns: the number on the box, the room where it needs to be delivered, the contents, and a priority level 1-3. Creating an inventory list gives you more room to describe more of the contents than what will fit on a box top. Having a priority level lets you know which boxes need to be opened immediately and which boxes can wait until later. As boxes are delivered, just look for the number (easily spotted if it is written on all sides) and consult the list to see where it needs to go. This is obviously a list you do not want to lose!

Whether this is your first move or your twentieth move, you can never be too prepared. Call on your friends at Northside Tool Rental to help you prepare for your next big move and ask about our moving day special!

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