5 Measures for Improving Work Site Safety

Everyone knows practicing safety on a construction site is a must. Accidents on a construction site have the potential to be life-threatening due to large equipment, hazardous materials, power tools, and extreme conditions. Construction leaders have to safeguard their employees workplace to reduce accidents and promote work site safety.

5 Measures for Improving Work Site Safety

1) Safety Training for New Hires

Safety is a skill set that needs to be learned before ever setting foot on the construction site. A few essentials that need to be covered are: employer expectations for safety, demonstration of all safety equipment, specifics regarding hazardous conditions or materials, and emergency response and reporting procedures. Setting expectations up front will help everyone work together toward the common goal of preventing injuries. Lack of training not only endangers the new worker, it also puts colleagues and the entire project in harm’s way.

2) Continued Communication

Safety training doesn’t stop after the first orientation. An informal toolbox safety talk each morning can improve worker understanding of safety expectations and minimize chances of error. Direct discussion of the day’s goals and activities relevant to your specific work site will cut down on surprises that could cause bodily harm. Toolbox talks can also spark valuable discussion on information about safer tools, equipment, materials, and processes.

3) Safety Gear

Provide safety gear that offers protection for the head, hands, feet, back, eyes, ears, body and for whatever else the job function or task impacts. Make sure the safety gear not only functions, but it also fits. Ill-fitting gear can impede movement making the gear less effective at protecting your worker.

4) Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Each piece of equipment on the job site needs to be ideally suited to the task at hand. Using improper tools for the job or using tools in an inadequate work area can lead to injury. Trying to use a tool for a job it was not designed for, will make the job harder to do and contribute to an unsafe environment.

5) Walk the Talk

The example set by leadership has a huge impact on any company’s safety culture. Make it clear that it is everyone’s responsibility to follow rules, procedures, and best practices to prevent accidents on the work site.

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