Plumbing Upgrades Can Save Big Bucks

Saying the phrase “home improvement project” tends to get people excited. Thinking out with the old, in with the new can give you a whole new, fresh outlook on your home. But what if I said the phrase “plumbing upgrade”? That doesn’t sound as exciting, does it? While plumbing upgrades may not be the most exciting home improvement upgrade, we have a feeling you will be excited about the big bucks you can save with the following upgrades.


Aesthetically speaking, this one may be the most exciting on the list. But in addition to a new look, new faucets can save you money. Older fixtures can develop slow leaks that can increase your water bill. Newer faucets also use less water, especially if you choose a WaterSense alternative or a sensor faucet that will prevent excessive running.


High-efficiency toilets certified under the EPA’s WaterSense program use 1.28 gallons per flush or less. And yes, the models of today have a much more “powerful” flush than the pioneers of the low-flush movement. Depending on the age, conventional toilets can use anywhere from 3 to 7 gallons per flush. I see dollar signs!

Shower Heads

Let’s jusy say, YES you can get reduced water flow without sacrificing water pressure. It’s true!

Water Heater

Right after heating and cooling, hot water is a typical home’s biggest energy expense. Make the switch to an energy efficient model or consider tankless. This is a water heater that heats on demand as opposed to continuous heating. If you are not in the market to upgrade, you can save money in this area by simply turning down the temperature on your water heater. For every 10 degrees you lower the temperature, you’ll save 3 to 5 percent on your water-heating costs.


By far this is the biggest, most inconvenient item on the list. But it pays to know your pipes and watch for signs of trouble as outlined here. The best time to replace pipes may be when you are already in the midst of a larger renovation project.

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