3 Step Plan to Prepare Your Deck or Patio for Winter

I think we are still going to find a few warm days in the upcoming weeks to check off all the outstanding outdoor home maintenance items on the list. If you have a deck or patio, you can use one of those mild days to get all the remnants of summer grilling cleaned up and prepare your outdoor space for the colder months.

3 Step Plan:

  • Declutter – Clear away all planters, decorative items, summer leisure equipment, and barbecue accessories that won’t be utilized over the winter. Starting with a clear space will help you fully view the condition of your deck or patio. It will also help you determine your plan of attack for cleaning.
  • Sweep – A thorough sweeping will remove fallen leaves, twigs, dirt, dust, cobwebs, and other unwanted debris. Be sure to sweep away the debris that may be stuck in the cracks of your decking. Leaving it there can create pockets of standing water which will lead to mildew.
  • Scrub –
    • Using a stiff brush, give all stains a thorough scrub with a mixture of dish soap and water. A solution of 10% chlorine bleach to water will help you scrub away any mildew stains. If you don’t eliminate all the mildew, it can cause damage to your deck or patio over the winter.
    • Next spray everything down. For extra power, you may want to consider a pressure washer. Just be sure to use proper technique to ensure the wood of your deck is not damaged and your finish is not stripped away. Using a nozzle that delivers a wider spray, set the pressure low and use a constant sweeping motion directed at an angle to the surface.

With a weekend pressure washer rental, you can take the opportunity to knock out several jobs at once. Use this powerful cleaning weapon to spruce up your siding, driveway, walkways, or spray off patio furniture before storing it for the winter. The experts at Northside Tool Rental can help you rent the perfect pressure washer for your to-do list!

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